STUDIO808 is a three-part portfolio: a freelance studio, the hub of all my professional work, and a forum for my personal art.

The last few years I spent doing something that I loved and believed in, lock, stock, and barrel - a rare bird in the advertising industry. I helped to introduce an affordable 100% electric car to the world - the Nissan LEAF. A campaign was created that included Mobile, Digital, TV, Print, Event, Direct - even naming and badging the vehicle - all from the ground up. The project set a course for the Nissan brand with "Innovation for All" and led the way for new global branding, significantly raising Nissan's profile as an innovative company.

I've had extensive stints in all silos of marketing, so it's a personal mission to make sure that there are no walls between the mediums.

Some successful brands that I've worked with: Nissan, Infiniti, Absolut, Nike, LUCKY Brand Jeans, Anheuser-Busch, Miller, Coca-Cola, Sutterhome, Fairmont Hotels, Visa, NBA, Shutterfly, 2002 World Cup

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